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Here is a collection of ideas, essays, musings and other artefacts from across my intellectual and professional interests. Roughly grouped into:

5 ways to improve your circadian fitness when working from home

Is the loss of routine playing havoc with your sleep? Here are some tips to help your body maintain a strong circadian rhythm when working from home More of us are working from home these days. And while our homes are well adapted to the normal tasks of life – cooking, lounging, bathing, storage, they’re not always well-adapted to work. Having a regular routine – like going into a brightly lit office each morning – exposes us to regular cues

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The Answer to Covid 19

Is probably a vaccine. But as it’s our duty to proffer possible solutions into the ever-expanding soup of suggestions, counter-suggestions, certainties and punditry, I hereby present an Idea for the betterment of humanity and leave it to the world to create the thing if it so wishes. Voila…

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